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Four Reasons a Pro House Painter Is Worth the Hire Your home is a sizable investment and taking care of it is the formula to keeping that investment. When sun, rain, wind and time have worn out the exterior of your home, it’s time to think about giving it a new layer of paint. New paint is one of the cheapest ways to raise the value of a home. Although it could be tempting to do it yourself, hiring a pro painter allows you step back and let the experts do the job for you. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America enumerates four convincing reasons to do just that: Time Savings
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Any business or homeowner who has done a simple DIY painting project knows the challenges of completing the job done on time. There are always more visits to the paint store to get more supplies. It’s hard to exactly estimate the time needed to suitably prepare the project site.
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And, there’s always the unforeseen time necessary for touch-ups and repair. If you hire a professional painting contractor, you can schedule more important – and more exciting – ways to spend your precious time. Cash Savings A professional painter saves you cash. Every DIY project can end up costing a lot more than the initial budget. Whether under-computed your overall paint costs, clean-up, or all the other unpredicted expenses, don’t put the added pressure on your wallet. Hire an expert painting contractor. Safety A professional painting contractor understands the necessity of safety. Painting projects all need it. There are usual risks on every paint project site that can lead to injury and job-time losses, and may even affect your earnings. Most insurance calls for a deductible, indicating that any accident will add to the cost of the project. Hire a professional painting contractor who is knowledgeable and trained on the most recent safety rules to constrain the probability of accidents and minimize your exposure. Quality Results A professional painting contractor gives you quality. The alternatives today are far more complicated than simply oil or latex. Most DIY’ers don’t have the industry knowledge to know what’s right for what project, or how to use this or that paint, or what necessary tools for the job are. Most DIY’ers have no industry knowledge in terms of what goes with what project, or how this or that paint should be applied, or what tools will be needed for the job. Surface preparation, durability and paint application techniques are typically disregarded. The use of top-quality products is equally important as excellence when it comes to paint application. Work with a painting professional who understands all of the different sides to any painting project. It helps take out surprises and makes sure you have a complete product you can be happy about. As soon as you’ve understood the benefits of working with a professional painter, you should then research professional painters in your locality. Don’t think this part is optional. Not all painters are the same.